A week set aside for the Hessen and Thuringen area of Germany, driving straight across to Fulda, then up to Erfurt as a base for 4 days to cover the Sangerhausen-Merseburg-Grosskorbetha-Naumburg-Weimar areas and RTB each night. Sadly the amount of road works taking place to the west of Meresburg made me give that part a swerve. Still managed to put a few digital stock shots into the library, plus a few good micro brews away each evening! Back via Koln for a night, then Holland, Belgium for a few quick shots, and home! Highlight had to be the sound of 231012 with a heavy ballast climbing up the hill from Sangerhausen to Riestedt, I had hoped for a 232 or 218 happening by, but the sight and sound of the 231 will never be forgotten.