The BRCW Type 3 were a Bo-Bo locomotive of either 74.2 tons or 78.2 tons, depending on variant, and with a top speed of 85 mph. The class were designed for use by the SR section of BR and were produced in 2 seperate variants as follows. D15/1 & D15/2 After the formation of TOPS they became the Class 33 The first 86 locos built were numbered D6500 to D6585 and went on to become Class 33/0 As the result of changes to the original design criteria and subsequent operational requirements, 19 of this class became fitted for Push-Pull operation and became renumbered and reclassed as 33101 to 33119 as class 33/1 The second and last batch built were locos D6586 to D6597 and became 33201 to 33212 classed as the 33/2 These locos were built with a narrow body profile and were known as the Hastings Line guage locos. The money and time these locos inflicted on the BRCW works during re-design and re-jigging were a contributing factor on the demise of BRCW!