Day 3 and the plan was to return to Grosskorbetha for a few hours morning shooting before crossing up to Sangerhausen and Nordhausen before turning for the RTB. Grosskorbetha, graphing from the lane, lineside, NE of the station, seemed to cause some upset. Locals called out the Netz Police who duly came and checked us out and, I assume, assured the local all was well. At least those passing by after that did wish us a smiling "Hallo". Sangerhausen was altogether different. The feeling of unease started as I drove into the carpark, it got worse as I walked through the station lobby, and within a minute of hitting the platform a nice man from the DB office came rushing over to advise, in good enough English for me to understand, that being here with a camera was not to be advised, in fact, being here at all was not to be recommended. He offered, and I have to say I was happy to accept, to escort me back via the DB vehicle compound and footpath to my car, which was already attracting unwanted attention from the local youth, despite the wife sitting in it! He suggested I try Riestedt a few K's East, which I did, and enjoyed it in peace and quiet.